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Status, Prospects & Perspectives of Indian Paper Industry
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Rakesh Kumar Jain United Nations Industrial Development Organisations, UNIDO IC ISID, New Delhi, India 
Vikas Kumar United Nations Industrial Development Organisations, UNIDO IC ISID, New Delhi, India 
Fund Project:The author expresses heartfelt gratitude to Isaksson Anders and his team for useful discussions and their inputs in preparation of the manuscript.
Abstract:Indian paper industry has been showing a positive demand growth unlike Europe and USA, despite couple of issues being confronted by the paper industry such as availability of good quality raw material, scale of operation, cost reduction and environment. In view of the increasing competition among the domestic and the global players, sustainability, green production gaining significance, there is a growing need to upgrade, develop and adopt appropriate advanced technologies tailer made to the requirement of Indian paper industry. In light of above, UNIDO implemented a project supported by DIPP, Govt. of India aimed towards capacity building of the Nodel Research Institute (CPPRI), Indian paper industry’s associations and Indian paper industry. The present article highlights key findings of various activities carried out under the project such as diagnostic assessment of the paper industry, demonstration of identified technologies, dissemination of the findings among the industries and twinning with the international institutions having relevant expertise and training.
keywords:Indian paper industry  raw material  scale of operation  environment
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