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Volume ,Issue 4,2019 Table of Contents

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Invited Reviews

Cellulose-based Antimicrobial Composites and Applications: A Brief Review
  Bo Sun, Fangong Kong, Min Zhang, Weijun Wang, Birat Singh KC, Jimi Tjong and Mohini Sain
  2019(4):1-14 [Abstract(230)]  [View PDF 5.50 M (470)]  [HTML(62)]
Lignin Interaction with Cellulase during Enzymatic Hydrolysis
  Mingfu Li, Qingtong Zhang, Changzhou Chen, Shuangfei Wang and Douyong Min
  2019(4):15-30 [Abstract(202)]  [View PDF 995.17 K (260)]  [HTML(30)]
Reinforcing Paper Strength by Dual Treatment of a Cationic Water-soluble Polymer and Cellulose Nanofibril
  Aijiao Wang, Lijun Wang, Jianmei Jiang, Xianping Yao and Wenyan Zhao
  2019(4):31-36 [Abstract(244)]  [View PDF 433.44 K (237)]  [HTML(44)]
Effect of High Pressure Homogenization Treatment on Structure and Properties of Soybean Residue Cellulose Nanofibers
  Peiyi Li, Yumeng Wang, Binyao Zhou, Qingqing Hou, Hezhen Liu, Haozhe Lei, Boxing Jian and Xinping Li
  2019(4):37-44 [Abstract(222)]  [View PDF 2.31 M (191)]  [HTML(48)]
Preparation and Adsorption Properties of Biomass Activated Carbon from Ginger Stems
  Jinling Liu, Xiaoming Song, Shanshan Gao and Fushan Chen
  2019(4):45-50 [Abstract(187)]  [View PDF 1.08 M (231)]  [HTML(49)]
Study on Refining Performances in Chemi-mechanical Pulping of Mixed Poplar and Eucalypt Woodchips
  Yu Shi, Qun Li and Yujia Zhang
  2019(4):51-56 [Abstract(205)]  [View PDF 1.96 M (222)]  [HTML(49)]
PSO-based Parameter Tuning for a Two-Degree-of-Freedom IMC Scheme and Its Application to Paper Basis Weight Control
  Wei Tang, Zhimin Yuan, Wenjuan Shan and Md. Muhie Menul Haque
  2019(4):57-63 [Abstract(220)]  [View PDF 708.81 K (196)]  [HTML(42)]

Editorial Board

2nd Editorial Board of Paper and Biomaterials
  2019(4):64-70 [Abstract(188)]  [View PDF 186.09 K (282)]  [HTML(56)]