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Volume ,Issue 1,2021 Table of Contents

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Research Articles

Green and Effective Ammonium Carbonate-assisted Process for Drying Hemicellulose Obtained through Alkali Extraction of Bleached Bamboo Kraft Pulp
  Gong Xiaoqi,Zhang Zongwei,Ni Yonghao,Ouyang Xinhua,Chen Lihui,Huang Liulian,Hu Huichao
  2021(1):1-10 [Abstract(89)]  [View PDF 4.19 M (168)]  [HTML(82)]
Synthesis of Reprocessable Lignin-based Non-isocyanate Poly(imine-hydroxyurethane)s Networks
  Xue Danwei,Xue Bailiang,Tang Rui,Shen Chao,Li Xinping,Zhao Wei
  2021(1):11-21 [Abstract(63)]  [View PDF 3.97 M (202)]  [HTML(66)]
Carboxyethylated Microfibrillated Cellulose Fibers Prepared from Different Raw Materials
  Chen Jinghuan,Liu Jingang,Hou Leilei,Xu Zehong
  2021(1):22-32 [Abstract(48)]  [View PDF 10.09 M (82)]  [HTML(44)]
Different Kinds of Microfibrillated Cellulose as Coating Layers Providing Fiber-based Barrier Properties
  Zhang Ruijuan,Su Yanqun,Liu Jingang
  2021(1):33-40 [Abstract(52)]  [View PDF 2.94 M (159)]  [HTML(52)]
Preparation of Chitosan-based Microspheres for Rapid Hemostasis
  Fang Yan,Li Peiyuan,Zhou Weikang
  2021(1):41-49 [Abstract(58)]  [View PDF 4.17 M (166)]  [HTML(55)]
Adsorption of Cu2+ by Crosslinked Graft Copolymers of Starch
  Cai Xue,Lin Tao,Zhang Neng,Wei Xiaoyao,Yin Xuefeng
  2021(1):50-60 [Abstract(74)]  [View PDF 3.46 M (143)]  [HTML(45)]