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Ranking of the papers with high impact

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201802007 Reaction Characteristics of Polysaccharide-Iodine Complexes: A Mini-review GenQue Fu, Nan Li, YaJie Hu, PanPan Yue and Feng Peng* 2018,3(2):64-75 2461
201704007 Progress in Nanocellulose Preparation and Application HaiQuan Mao, YongYang Gong*, YuanLi Liu, ShiQi Wang, LinLin Du and Chun Wei 2017,2(4):65-76 2262
201804008 Nanocellulose Research Exchange Activities between China and Japan Min Wu 2018,3(4):77-78 1704
201804006 Review of Cellulose Nanocrystal-based Fluorophore Materials and Their Application in Metal Ion Detection Ya Wang1, Alain Dufresne2, Peter R. Chang3, XiaoZhou Ma1,* and Jin Huang1,* 2018,3(4):45-61 1669
201801007 Application of Lignin and Its Derivatives as Slow/Controlled Release Materials in Agricultural Fields YingJuan Fu1, MengHua Qin2, ZhaoJiang Wang1 and ZongQuan Li1 2018,3(1):53-62 1598
201804007 Advances in Hard Tissue Engineering Materials—Nanocellulose-based Composites HuiZe Luo, JuanJuan Li and FengShan Zhou* 2018,3(4):62-76 1530
201802006 Nanocellulose Composites—Properties and Applications Chang Ma1, MingGuo Ma1,2,*, ZhiWen Li1,/sup> and Bin Wang1 2018,3(2):51-63 1501
201803005 Nanofibrillation of a Bleached Acacia Pulp by Grinding with Carboxymethylation Pretreatment Ming He, GuiHua Yang*, JiaChuan Chen, FanGong Kong and Qiang Wang 2018,3(3):32-38 1473
201903007 Cellulose Paper-based Strapping Products for Green/Sustainable Packaging Needs Zhibin He, Amit Chowdhury, Li Tong, Mike Reynolds and Yonghao Ni 2019,(3):54-68 1412
201902002 Preparation and Performance of Salt Tolerance and Thermal Stability Cellulose Nanofibril Hydrogels and Their Application in Drilling Engineering XiongLi Liu1,3, An Wang1,3, ChunPing Wang1,3, JiaLei Qu1,3, YangBing Wen1,3,*, Bin Chen2, ZhongGuang Wang2, BinBin Wu2, ZhaoYang Yuan4 and Bing Wei5 2019,4(2):10-19 1365
201802001 TG-FTIR Study on the Pyrolysis Properties of Lignin from Different Kinds of Woody Biomass XueYong Ren1,*, HongZhen Cai2, JianMin Chang1 and YongMing Fan1 2018,3(2):1-7 1301
201802003 Preparation of Aminated Lignin through Etherification and Amination ChangZhou Chen, BingXin Wang, YanRu Zhang, Ting Shi, Jun Liu, XiLuan Wang* and YongMing Fan 2018,3(2):16-23 1262
201803007 Integrated Forest Biorefinery: Value-added Utilization of Dissolved Organics in the Prehydrolysis Liquor of Prehydrolysis Kraft (PHK) Dissolving Pulp Production Process Bo Yang1, BaoBin Wang1,2, GuanHua Wang1,3, ZhiBin He1,* and YongHao Ni1 2018,3(3):47-58 1237
201801001 Synthesis of Amphiphilic Starch Derivatives Using One-pot Synthesis Procedure Tao Song1, FengXia Yue1,2, XueZhu Xu3, ChunLin Xu4, Yi-Chen Li1,5, FaChuang Lu1 and HaiSong Qi1,* 2018,3(1):1-9 1225
201801002 Parameters Influencing Power Generation in Eco-friendly Microbial Fuel Cells Mohamed Said Mahmoud1,2,3, Biao Wen1,2, ZhenHua Su1,2,*, ShuJie Fan1,2 and Yu Zhang1,2 2018,3(1):10-16 1169
201702006 Positioning-control Based on Trapezoidal Velocity Curve for High-precision Basis Weight Control Valve Bo Wang1,2, Wei Tang1,2,*, JiXian Dong1,2 and Feng Wang3 2017,2(2):42-50 1141
201901007 A Principle of Producing Multi-ply Paper Using a Wire in an Inclined Wire Machine Song-Il Pak, Yong-Il Ri* and Chol-Ho Kim 2019,4(1):48-56 1117
202003001 Preparation and Properties of Cellulose Nanomaterials Dufresne Alain 2020,5(3):1-13 1092
201902007 Review on Cellulose Nanocrystal Assembly for Optical Applications Dong Li, Na Feng, SiYuan Liu, Lin Gan* and Jin Huang* 2019,4(2):54-62 1074
201804001 Functionally Modified Cellulose Nanocrystals as an Adsorbent for Anionic Dyes Ming Li and ShiYu Fu* 2018,3(4):1-9 1069